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Hello, my 4 year old (Jaylee) started Country Kids 2 weeks ago. Friends had told me about Country Kids “check out County kids, it’s amazing”, “the teachers are wonderful”, “the kids will love it”, so I knew Jaylee and I were in for a treat when we visited Country Kids.

What I didn’t expect was the warm welcome we received as soon as we stepped through the door. We were greeted by kind friendly faces, we were right at home. The children were amazing too! A couple of the kids took my daughters hand and asked if she would like to come with them for a look around.

And boy, what facilities they have! Jaylee was so excited, she didn’t know where to start? The outdoor area is spacious and full of fun activities such as playgrounds, swings, pedal bikes, water troughs, sand pits….. you name it they got it! Inside was just as impressive! The day we arrived the children were in dress up dancing to Frozen song “let it go” there were games galore, artwork, shops…… Just amazing fun!

The teachers are really lovely, they are some of the nicest ladies you could meet. They have a genuine interest in the children and their development. There are so many activities going on at once, I don’t know how they keep up with it all. The children get plenty of one on one time too.

The only regret I have is not visiting Country Kids sooner. I would recommend this “home away from home” to any parent, your children will thank you for it!

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