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Pikopiko; Like the new fern shoots, our children are newly emerging into the world. We celebrate this and seek to surround them with care as they journey towards independence.

We offer our infants and toddlers a caring and stable extension of the primary care that they receive at home. This helps build positive reciprocal relationships for your child.  We enable our children to learn at their own developmental pace in a safe, secure environment – where we support their journey towards independence.

Pikopiko Philosophy

We work in partnership with all our whānau/families to support each child to reach their full potential.

We believe every child is unique; that they are valued, respected and cared for as individuals.

The environment we provide encourages children to learn new skills and build on existing skills.

Based on close observation, we plan and assess individual programmes for each child’s learning journey.

Ma te huruhuru, Ka rere te manu.
Adorn them with feathers and they shall fly.

Pikopiko Teachers: Nickie and Aimee

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