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To the wonderful staff at Country Kids,

How do you say goodbye? But more importantly, how do you say thank you? Country Kids has played a significant part in the Early Childhood Years of our two girls. The growth and confidence we have observed of our girls has been priceless!

We have enjoyed and loved everything about Country Kids from the welcoming hellos, the learning experiences, the feedback and the positive vibe of the place! The Country Kids Staff is everything you could want for your children – caring, motivated, enthusiastic and genuine! It truly has been like a second home for our girls.

So thank you! Words cannot express the gratitude we feel. As we move on into the next phase of our lives, we will miss you all. Keep up the sensational work and always know that you have contributed wholesomely to the Early Childhood Education of Juliana and Sophia. As parents, we are immensely grateful.

With hugs and smiles.

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