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Our History

Located in the picturesque Moutere Valley, Country Kids was opened in 1987. The original building and land was donated by the Moutere Hills Uniting Church.  The Centre was established for the children and families of the local district, especially through the busy harvest season when often both parents would be involved in the harvest. The district has a rich background with families today still connected to original English and German pioneering settlements.

Back in 1987 the Centre was called the Moutere District Child Care Centre.  It originally began with six children enrolled in a house on Neudorf road.  There was a strong rural base with tobacco, hops, apples, saw milling and sheep farming.  These days families are more diverse with grapes replacing tobacco and many parents commuting to work in ‘town’ or bringing their profession to the country.

In 1996 the name was changed to Country Kids.  An additional programme was started for older children, called “Just 4 Kids” with an emphasis on education to assist them prepare for their future learning.  In 1999 a second classroom was added to accommodate this very popular class along with a brand new playground facing North and catching all day sun.

Today Country Kids has a roll of around 60 children with a maximum of 50 children attending at any one time between the ages of 6 weeks to 5 years.  Now all our teachers are certificated teachers.  In more recent years (2008) our buildings were once again extended to provide better learning facilities.  We now have three classrooms, a staff room and an administration area.

The 1999 addition of a new Classroom and playground facing to the north.

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