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Affordable Options

Education & Care is an affordable option with 20 hours ECE for children over three years and the possibility of a WINZ subsidy, depending on income, for children 0-5 years to assist with the fees.

Public Holidays/School Holidays

Country Kids is closed for all public holidays with no fee charged for these days. We are open during all the school holidays as normal except for three weeks over Christmas.

Our Fees

Under 2yrs:   $7.50 per hour

 Over Two:  $7.50 per hour – unless attesting for 20 Hours ECE

20 Hours ECE:  (available to 3 and 4 yr olds) 1.00 per hour* – for 20 hours!  if 20 Hours ECE is not attested to the standard fee of $7.50 per hour applies.

Enroll for 24 Hours and get four hours absolutely free!

(NOTE: 20 Hours ECE – maximum of 6 hours per day, then standard fee applies)

Membership Fee: $20 per family per year

*This is an optional charge for all 3-5 year olds using their 20 hours ECE.  The optional charge is to assist Country Kids with vital resourcing, to maintain a higher-than-required ratio of registered teachers and extra specialised curriculum activities such as music, yoga and gym sessions..  For more detailed information please contact Nickie or Anne.

  • Fees are calculated daily on whichever is greater; booked hours or attended hours.
  • Invoices and statements are issued fortnightly and are e-mailed. Alternatively they can be picked up from reception or mailed in the post if requested.
  • The statement date is the due date and fees must be paid within a fortnight of this date.
  • Fees can be paid by on-line banking, automatic payment, or cash.
  • A ‘frequent user’ discount of 10% will apply on fees paid for 30 booked hours or more.  These hours can be attended by one or more children in a family.*(Does not apply to hours attested to 20 Hours ECE.)

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