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Beans and Monarchs

Last week we went out to our conservation area to harvest some vegetables from the garden.

The green beans and Scarlett runner beans were ready to be picked. The children helped both Tess and I as we picked the bigger beans ready for us to sample and share with the Piko Piko programme at morning tea time.

We noticed some red ripe tomatoes so they were added to our bowl of beans, some children enjoyed a nibble on this fresh produce while harvesting.

We also went and checked on the butterfly house. Anne had told us there were five Monarchs in there so we watched carefully to see if we could spot them all. The children were in awe as they watched these beautiful creatures flutter around in their purposely built house.

Contribution-Mana tangata

‘Children experience an environment where they are encouraged to learn with and alongside of others’

(Te Whariki, 2017)

What an amazing experience our children have here at Country Kids to be part of such a unique opportunity to contribute to our environment through growing and harvesting fresh produce and by nurturing the life cycle of Monarch butterflies in our very own butterfly house.

While the children are involved in such group activities they are sharing knowledge and ideas with their peers, taking turns to help and communicating, all while working alongside each other.

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