Ngā Whetu Programme (2-4 yrs)

He taonga nui a tatou tamariki
The greatest treasures are our children

Ngā Whetū Philosophy

The Ngā Whetū Programme is represented by stars, as we acknowledge that each child shines as bright as any star.

Like a star with its five points, our programme reflects the five Strands of Te Whāriki, New Zealand’s Early Childhood Curriculum.

The first two points represent Belonging/Mana Whenua and Well-Being/Mana Atua. We feel that these two Strands are very important as they form a firm foundation for further learning. These sit at the heart of our programme and flow into the next three points; Contribution/Mana Tangata, Communication/Mana Reo and Exploration/Mana Aotūroa .

 Woven through these five points (Strands) are the four Principles;  Empowerment/Whakamana, Holistic Development/Kotahitanga, Relationships/Ngā hononga and Family and Community/Whānau tangata.

Our teaching is centred  around encouraging and supporting children to explore different materials, concepts, the environment and ideas, through hands-on activities and play. We provide opportunities for the children to learn at their own pace and in their own unique way. We also guide the children  to reach independence by drawing on  their self-help skills, as well as helping them navigate relationships and express themselves effectively.

Whāngai, ka tipu, ka puawai.

Nurture them and they will grow, then blossom.