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New Pikopiko deck space

This week we have had a beautiful addition to our Under two’s (Pikopiko) out door area. Thank you so much to Hayden Jacobs for building us a partition wall on our deck which gives us a dry area under cover and flows out to the Pikopiko out door playground. It is so useful to have this inside outside flow to our area. The Pikopiko tamariki are loving it; having cups of tea and ‘fluffies’ and building with blocks, out of the sun. Fantastic new area from our existing space. Awesome. We LOVE it.

self help skills with our Under two’s

The Pikopiko children are working on their independence skills this term; from dressing and undressing themselves to feeding and wiping their own faces after meals.

We have taken so many great photos of our tamariki in action of these tasks. Tamariki really love to do these things alone—with supervision!

Caregivers can help children to become independent by allowing and encouraging them to take responsibility for themselves whenever possible. This allows them to practise their large and small motor skills, gain confidence in their ability to try new things and build self-esteem and pride in their independence.
With self-feeding– give children the tools they need to be successful, encourage them to try- and provide help if they are becoming frustrated.

Encourage children to dress themselves and then extend the tasks from socks and shoes to sleeves and onto zippers. Supporting children to wash their hands and face for meals or when toileting teaches them about hygiene as well as gives the life skills for the future.

Encourage children to clean-up at a young age. They are capable of many chores such as clearing the table, finding utensils and taking care of ‘real’ cups and plates.

The secret to success is finding age-appropriate tasks to ensure a happy outcome and encourage further tasks. Adults are important role models, so show them the correct way to do things and our tamariki will enjoy the task that we call jobs!

( extracts from-—America’s research based learning network.)

Kaia IndiePiokpiko3pikopiko2

The Pikopiko team is really enjoying being part of these learning journeys with the tamariki. There are moments of frustration for children and the adults of course! This is part of the fun. We also have lots of flannels and lino on the floor and not the same amount of jobs to do as at home. These are, however, very special learning times. Please enjoy them too. Tess and Heather