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St John’s Ambulance visits

On Wednesday afternoon, we had a visit from the St John’s Ambulance.

This was a continuation of our what’s in our community.

Kathryn the St John’s lady talked to our children about their services. She had equipment to show us. Gas bottle, finger tap monitor and the children got to try on reflective jackets.

Kathryn bought in a miniature ambulance, which she held her equipment in and displayed the flashing lights.

Science in Just 4 Kids

Today in J4K we had some fun experimenting with mini volcanoes. This activity is always popular when we do it outside on a larger scale. However today I wanted to give our tamariki the opportunity to experiment on a smaller scale and see if we could get the same results.

We used trays with small compartments and droppers for our dye and vinegar. Everyone had a turn making a small  mound of baking soda then adding some drops of dye before going ahead and adding vinegar to watch the eruption.

We discussed how adding vinegar to the baking soda caused a chemical reaction, hence the fizzing. We then experimented with varying amounts of the ingredients to look for any differences in the reactions.

Experimenting and trying things out gives the children opportunities to extend their knowledge and curiosity; which are important and valued ways of learning.

Our new Waiata

Our children have taken so much pride in learning and mastering a new welcoming waiata E Toru ngā Mea.
Today we decided to film this so that we could share with our families and community.
Through experiences like this our children are being given the opportunity to take on a leadership role which they have been really enthusiastic at participating in. It also provides a chance to learn a waiata in another language -Te Reo Māori(this is a great link to the children’s mihimihi where they are encouraged to introduce themselves and their families).