Just 4 Kids (4 yrs approx.)

In Just 4 Kids children are supported and challenged to become confident and competent learners secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that they make a valued contribution to the world.

  • We provide opportunities for the children’s holistic development through a safe, caring and fun environment with a focus on learning alongside of others-Māori concept of Ako (learners)
  • We focus on the childrens interest and provide vast opportunities to extend on these, working alongside of our peers often incorperating the tuakana-teina framework (older children help the younger children)
  • Our programme is always looking for opportunities to promote an environment enriched with literacy, numeracy and positive social interactions-pukumahi, whanaungatanga (hardworking, relationships)
  • To allow children to feel a sense of belonging our programme is built around routines, rituals and expectations while being part of a group-Mahi tahi (group endeavour/ co-operation)
  • It is our aim to have a true partnership between our programme and our families/whanau, ensuring the well-being of our children and providing the best learning outcomes and aspirations of our families/whanau –Mana whenua (our place)
  • We endeavour to work alongside of our local schools ensuring that our children have a smooth transition
  • Kelly, Lorraine and Marg are the teachers of Just 4 Kids. We work hard to provide continuity of care and education for our children believing that this leads to a feeling of safety, belonging and reciprocal relationships.

Session times

J4K is run as a 6 hour session, for 4 year old children (approximately).

9am-3pm, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

9am-1pm, Friday.

Ehara taku toa I te toa takitahi engari he tao takitini

I come not with my own strengths but bring with me the gifts, talents and strengths of my family, tribe and ancestors.