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During morning group time we often encourage all of our children into smaller groups where each child is encouraged to focus on an activity – usually numeracy or literacy based.  We are encouraging the learning disposition of persistence where they are able to concentrate and persevere on a task until they have completed it.  We are mindful of the differing abilities of the children and gear the activity and the duration of the activity to the child. – it must be achievable to the child or they will lose interest.  Encouraging the ability to focus on an activity helps in all other learning – and also helps in preparation for the school learning environment. 


Learning dispositions have been identified as valuable for lifelong learning.  Learning dispositions associated with early childhood learning include: courage and curiosity (taking an interest, trust and playfulness (being involved), perseverance (persisting with difficulty, challenge and uncertainty), confidence (expressing a point of view or feeling) and responsibility (taking responsibility). Other learning dispositions include reciprocity, creativity, imagination and resilience. Te Wháriki Early Childhood Curriculum)


Country Kids 30th Birthday

WOW what an amazing day. Country Kids is now 30 years old and today we celebrated in true community style. We had bouncy castles, pony rides and face painting. Fantastic entertainment from our favourite musician Kath Bee. Simply delicious food and supreme birthday cake.
The company was amazing, bringing together past, present and future families and children of all ages.
A huge thank you to everyone who made this day possible, especially the teachers, staff and board of Country Kids. You are very special people who I have the pleasure of working with everyday.

Watch this space for more…


Gymnastics sessions by Sam

Gymnastics at the Community Centre with Sam

Through participating in gymnastics with Sam, our children are demonstrating control over their bodies, including locomotor and movement skills, agility and balance, and the ability, coordination and confidence to use their bodies to take risks and physical challenges.  Te Whāriki Early Childhood Curriculum, Exploration Strand.


Our J4K children have really risen to the challenge of learning new skills and trying out new equipment at our Monday gymnastics sessions with Sam.  They’re all keen to have a go at the physical activities on offer – whether climbing, swinging, balancing, jumping or clambering over obstacle courses.  They are becoming capable and confident – pushing themselves to master new skills and practice already established skills with energy and enthusiasm.  These sessions are payed for by Country Kids and are free of charge to parents, so it is fantastic to see so many parents making the most of this opportunity.