During morning group time we often encourage all of our children into smaller groups where each child is encouraged to focus on an activity – usually numeracy or literacy based.  We are encouraging the learning disposition of persistence where they are able to concentrate and persevere on a task until they have completed it.  We are mindful of the differing abilities of the children and gear the activity and the duration of the activity to the child. – it must be achievable to the child or they will lose interest.  Encouraging the ability to focus on an activity helps in all other learning – and also helps in preparation for the school learning environment. 


Learning dispositions have been identified as valuable for lifelong learning.  Learning dispositions associated with early childhood learning include: courage and curiosity (taking an interest, trust and playfulness (being involved), perseverance (persisting with difficulty, challenge and uncertainty), confidence (expressing a point of view or feeling) and responsibility (taking responsibility). Other learning dispositions include reciprocity, creativity, imagination and resilience. Te Wháriki Early Childhood Curriculum)


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