Literacy at Country Kids

Literacy at Country Kids

Literacy is an important part of Country Kids programme. Traditionally defined as the ability to read and write at an adequate level of proficiency that is necessary for communication.

Today  literacy has taken on a much broader meaning. With the impact of new technologies and globalisation children experience a large variety of literacy experiences that extend beyond traditional text. Literacy includes practices such as listening,(song, hip hop, radio) speaking, reading, writing, visual literacies  (eg computers, television, photo’s, art), sensory experiences ( clay, play dough or water) and symbolism (eg. Traffic lights)

Literacy is one of the most important foundations for success in school and it has been found that early literacy experiences are crucial. High levels of literacy have been linked to increased academic & occupational success, increased self esteem & motivation to learn, participation in and a commitment to education.

At Country Kids literacy foundation skills begins in the Pikopiko room with things such as songs, being read to, nursery rhymes, te reo, communication -being talked to/engaged in conversation (even non-verbal), visual eg. art, colours, drawing and sensory eg. touch, feel of different materials and textures.

We encourage the development of these emergent literacy skills in Ngā whetu through having varied literacy activities made available, therefore increasing our children’s interest and motivation to learn literacy skills.

Some of our activities include:

  • Group time-    Story book reading developing left to right, top to bottom; phonics word  recognition
  • Te reo
  • Recognising and finding their name tag
  • Regular shared reading
  • Selection of appropriate books, which are regularly changed
  • Nursery rhymes
  • Variety of interactive literacy games
  • Experiencing various forms of print
  • Playing language games
  • Singing songs
  • ICT
  • Music
  • Viewing photo stories on our walls
  • Visual literacies/art – drawing, painting, colours,
  • Play dough/ clay – form, shape, texture,

Play dough or clay is a really useful medium for enabling our infants, toddlers and young children to experience and express themselves through form and shape. Working to solve technical problems they often collaborate, sharing their skills and knowledge with each other. Toddlers particularly enjoy using play dough or clay and delight in its sensory and tactile qualities. They invite physical manipulation through squeezing, patting, poking or piling it up which produces an immediate and satisfying change to its shape and form.

Before a child can read or write, children need to understand differences in sounds. (phonemics) Familiarity of nursery rhymes and finger plays is so valuable in learning these sounds so all our programes provide these in their day.

Just 4 Kids children are increasing in competence and techniques for communication and art.
They are starting to sustain conversation, queries and complex thinking. Our Teachers create opportunities to use language to explore and to direct thinking and learning tasks. New capabilities for symbolising and representation include music, dance and performing.
Developing literacy now includes, reasoning, verbal exploration, puzzling and finding out about both their social and physical world.

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